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The cost of living of a particular location is the amount of money a person needs to cover their basic expenses. This includes housing, food, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous expenses.

Learning the cost of living in a specific area is useful to compare the affordability of living in this location compared to one’s current place of residence. A cost-of-living index is particularly helpful if you are considering moving to Bend, OR, and you want to see if living in this city would be beneficial for you given your projected income.

Cost of Living Index: Bend, Oregon

When researching for the Bend cost of living index, it is important to note that the indexes are based on a national average of 100. So, for example, if the COL index of housing in Bend, OR is 217.4, then it is 117.4% higher than the national average.

Below is a table showing the cost of living in Bend, Oregon, along with the state indexes, to give you an idea of how expensive or affordable the basic expenses in this location are relative to the rest of the country.

Cost of LivingBendOregonUnited States

As you can see from the table above, living in Bend, OR is 31% more expensive relative to the rest of the country. The highest expense is housing, at an index of 217.4, which translates to more than double the national average.

The good news is health care, utilities, and transportation expenses are all lower than the national average, at indexes below 100.

The Average Cost of Living in Bend, Oregon

The Average Cost of Living in Bend, Oregon

The average cost of living in Bend, Oregon for one person is $2,589; for a family of four, $5,991 (including rent). Without rent, the average cost of living is $942 and $2,897 for one person and a family of four, respectively.

The median Bend, Oregon income after taxes is $3,178, which is enough to cover living expenses for 1.2 months. In terms of jobs in Bend, Oregon, opportunities in this city are more diverse than they’ve ever been.

Growth is apparent in several sectors, including tech, healthcare services, biotech, construction, and advanced manufacturing. This is in addition to the established brewery, hospitality, and tourism industries. Bend is definitely a great place for a professional to establish a career!

Housing Costs in Bend, Oregon

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Housing Costs in Bend, Oregon

As previously mentioned, housing is the biggest driver of the cost of living in Bend. According to data from the Census Bureau, the median value of owner-occupied homes in Bend was $384,400 from 2015 through 2019.

Compared to the median value for the entire United States, which is $217,500, this is 76% higher. As of November 2021, the median sale price of homes rose to $683,000.

In terms of rent, the average monthly apartment rent in Bend, OR is higher than the national average by 19% to 36%.

Monthly RentBend, ORUnited States
1-Bedroom Apartment in City Center$2,300.00$1,692.93
1-Bedroom Apartment Outside of Center$1,850.00$1,368.71
3-Bedroom Apartment in City Center$3,375.00$2,834.43
3-Bedroom Apartment Outside of Center$2,760.00$2,240.59

Food and Grocery Expenses in Bend, Oregon

One of the ways to have a more accurate Bend, Oregon cost of living comparison with the rest of the states is to know the average cost of food and groceries. Below, we provide you with two tables showing how much meals cost in restaurants in Bend on average, as well as the average price of goods in the grocery stores.

ItemBend, ORUnited States
Meal at an Inexpensive Restaurant$27.50$17.00
Three-Course Meal for 2 People at a Mid-Range Restaurant$90.00$68.00
Combo Meal at a Fast-Food Restaurant$10.00$8.70
Domestic Beer (0.5-liter draught)$6.00$5.00
Imported Beer (0.33-liter bottle)$6.00$6.00
Cappuccino (regular)$4.69$4.61
Coke/Pepsi (0.33-liter bottle)$2.50$2.27
Water (0.33-liter bottle)$1.84$1.65
Milk (1 liter)$0.94$1.01
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)$5.02$3.21
Eggs (regular, 12)$4.83$3.34
Rice (white, 1kg)$8.10$4.12
Local Cheese (1kg)$15.79$11.58
Beef Round Back Leg Red Meat (1kg)$14.32$14.96
Apples (1kg)$4.67$4.76
Bananas (1kg)$1.61$1.60
Oranges (1kg)$5.29$4.11
Tomatoes (1kg)$8.88$4.47
Potatoes (1kg)$2.93$2.70
Onions (1kg)$2.97$2.71
Lettuce (1 head)$2.16$1.79
Water (1.5-liter bottle)$2.70$1.91
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range)$17.00$12.99
Domestic Beer (0.5-liter bottle)$4.29$2.66
Imported Beer (0.33-liter bottle)$2.67$3.34
The Cost of Utilities in Bend, Oregon

The Cost of Utilities in Bend, Oregon

The cost of utilities in Bend are among the basic expenses in this city with a cost-of-living index that is lower than the national average, at 83.6. The average costs are shown below alongside the US average.

UtilitiesBend, ORNational Average
All Electricity$148.23$170.84

Health Care Expenses in Bend, Oregon

Below, you’ll see the average costs of visits to various health care practitioners, as well as some common medicines, on the city and the national levels.

HealthcareBend, ORNational Average
Transportation Expenses in Bend, Oregon

Transportation Expenses in Bend, Oregon

When it comes to public transportation, there are a variety of options for getting around in Bend, OR. Easy-to-access, affordable transportation options are available to those who commute to work, school, or other neighboring cities.

Cascade East Transit (CET) is Central Oregon bus travel’s local bus transit service. Hawthorne Station is the hub for long-distance bus travel in and out of the city. Mt. Bachelor Shuttle provides transportation for skiers and snowboarders during the winter season.

TransportationBend, ORNational Average
Tire Balancing$68.40$51.86
Cost of Living in Bend, Oregon

Final Thoughts

Living in Bend, Oregon may be a bit expensive, but people love it here. In recent years, many have chosen to move to Oregon because of its laid-back atmosphere, bustling food and arts scene, and family-friendly environment.

If you’re considering moving to Bend, Oregon, let me show you your home options! You can call me at (541) 350-8244 or send me an email at so we can schedule an appointment and start discussing about your dream home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on its cost-of-living index, the answer is yes. Bend, OR is 31% more expensive than the national average.

The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment ranges between $1,850 and $2,300.

The median sale price of homes in Bend, OR is $683,000.

The average electricity bill in Bend, OR is $148.23, and the average phone bill is $177.93.