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Luxury Homes for Sale in Awbrey Butte, Bend, OR

Awbrey Butte is one of the most exclusive communities in Bend, OR, offering a magnificent view of Mount Bachelor and the Cascade Range.

Many of the most beautiful homes in Bend can be found on Awbrey Butte, surrounded by the lush greenery of ponderosa pine trees and other beautiful landscapes. This helps Awbrey Butte preserve the lovely aesthetic appeal of Central Oregon. Homes were frequently developed in a stair-step pattern to guarantee that each homeowner had a viewpoint, and roadways were created in a concentric pattern so that they could not be seen directly from below. Awbrey Butte is home to some of the most family-friendly sites in Bend, Oregon, including Awbrey Glen, Awbrey Park, River’s Edge Golf Course and Country Club, and Wyndemere. If you are considering relocating to Awbrey Butte and would want to speak with a professional realtor, please do not hesitate to contact our team at your convenience. Our team can provide you with excellent services to make your transition to the area as smooth as possible. We also have extensive knowledge of other notable sites in Bend, OR. Just let us know if you need further assistance.

LOVELY NEIGHBORHOODS: There are several great neighborhoods inside Awbrey Butte, each of which offers a distinct living environment as well as creative landscaping that is intended to create a visually-appealing ambiance and classy overall structure in each community. Some of the neighborhoods in Awbrey Butte are home to world-class golf courses and extensive paved pathways that provide safe and walkable streets in every setting.

TIGHT-KNIT COMMUNITY: Through the establishment of several social clubs, the communities of Awbrey Butte strive to foster friendly relationships between neighbors in each neighborhood. These clubs are intended to bring community members together for activities such as wine tasting or a round of golf through one of the many country clubs in the area.

TREMENDOUS CURB APPEAL: Stunning sunsets, panoramic mountain views, flashing city lights, colorful sunrises, towering ponderosas, and roaming deers are some of the best natural charms that Awbrey Butte can offer to its residents. The area instills a sense of calm and provides a platform for privacy if desired. The majority of the people in Awbrey Butte have been there for a long time, primarily because of the quiet and pleasant atmosphere that permeates the entire district.

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Homes in Awbrey Butte, Bend, OR

10 Real Estate Facts About Awbrey Butte, Bend, OR

  • Due to great demand for the exceptional house facilities provided by Awbrey Butte’s property portfolio, there are only a few supplies of available homes for sale in the area.
  • Luxury homes in Awbrey Butte are available, with listing prices ranging from $990,000 to $4.60 million.
  • Various vacant lots are purchasable in the vicinity, with prices ranging from $285,000 to $878,000 depending on the land acreage.
  • The majority of houses are built with three to five bedrooms.
  • These properties are also furnished with several bathrooms on average, with layouts ranging from three to six bathrooms on a typical occurrence.
  • There is a wide selection of floor plans available for residential properties, with most ranging from 2,400 sq ft to 7,000 sq ft of interior living space to give pleasant and spacious places in each home.
  • Most residential properties in Awbrey Butte are built on lots with significant acreage, typically ranging between 0.11 and 1.16 acres.
  • In addition, potential buyers can select from a comprehensive collection of vacant lots ranging from 0.28 acres to 3.21 acres in size.
  • Tudor, Traditional, Northwest, and Craftsman architectural styles are presently the most common architectural finishes in Awbrey Butte residences.
  • The available homes in the region encompass dwellings built between 2001 and 2016.
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Awbrey Butte is comprised of master-planned communities in Bend, OR. The area is home to the world-class Awbrey Glen Golf Club, located in the western segment of the region. A nearby educational facility is located near the area. Central Oregon Community College is about 5 minutes away, situated roughly less than 2 miles on the southern portion of Awbrey Butte. The school can be reached by way of Northwest Mount Washington Drive.

Meanwhile, Sawyer Park is another adjacent establishment in the area, accessible in roughly 5 minutes via Archie Briggs Road. The park is situated on the eastern expanse of Awbrey Butte, about 2.0 miles away. Riley Ranch Nature Reserve, located about 3.3 miles north of the area, is accessible in less than 10 minutes by taking Archie Briggs Road and O.B. Riley Road.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Awbrey Butte, Bend, OR
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Things to do in Awbrey Butte

Sawyer Uplands Park

A park featuring canyon cliffs, wildlife habitats, and a deep ravine. Additionally, there is a play area and drinking fountain.

Archie Briggs Canyon Trail Trailhead

The Archie Briggs Natural Area and the Deschutes River are reached by this scenic out-and-back route.

Mountain Air Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park providing an indoor fun and leisure facility for youth and adults.

McKay Cottage Restaurant

Restaurant serving breakfast and sandwiches in a 1916 cottage with tables in the yard.


Schools in Awbrey Butte